Circulation shower

Modern SPA-salons, wellness centres and sanatoriums today offer many water treatments—perhaps they are the most popular to date. Although people have been aware of healing power of water for thousands of years and have always been treated with it, it hasn’t become less popular in the modern days. Water treatments do not lose popularity, because they not only bring healthy benefits, but they also give people genuine pleasure.

Hydromassage and thalassotherapy, as well as different types of baths, are very popular today. However, shower procedures are recognized as the ones that most people choose, even if they do not need to be treated from any disease.

Showers are different from baths and many other procedures by the fact that it mechanically affects not only the top layers of skin but also deeper tissues—subcutaneous fat, muscle, blood vessels and internal organs. Therefore, the effect achieved as a result of showering is multiplied. Showers improve skin and whole body tone, and has a vasoactive effect—it improves the tone of blood vessels and the diameter of the lumen. Showers also improve cells’ ability to absorb nutrients, stimulate the immune system, and soothe and relieves spasms. The effects of procedures on the human body depend on the kind of shower and techniques used by experts in each particular case.

The method is chosen in each case individually—at least, good specialists do so—but there are different types of showers. Today we know about them more than ever before, thanks to the fact that health and beauty industry is growing rapidly.


Circular shower, which we’ll describe here a bit, may be called many things—a Swiss shower and a needle shower—and it is widely used in hydrotherapy.

The circular shower is prescribed both for the treatment of diseases and for their prevention—chronic stress and fatigue, disorders of the nervous system, the initial stages of hypertension disease with neurocirculatory dystonia, and more.

The circular shower relieves tension and irritability, treats insomnia and improves quality of sleep. It also improves the emotional state—after a few treatments a person starts feeling more relaxed and confident.

This type of shower also helps to fight cellulite, accelerates the decomposition of fat, reduces pain in joints, stimulates the cardiovascular system, brain, and spinal cord, and tones and tempers the entire body.

How it works

The circular shower procedure requires special equipment to perform acupressure on the entire body. This system consists of very thin tubes, arranged in a circle horizontally or vertically, with multiple holes on the inner surface. Through these holes, water of different temperatures is sprayed—it depends on the purpose of the procedure—and under an average pressure of 1.5 atm. The water jets are very thin, so they act on peripheral receptors of the skin. It is for this reason that the patient feels a tingling sensation; it is pleasant, not painful—hence another name of the circular shower—the needle shower. The shower system, in which the tubes are arranged horizontally, is considered more comfortable and functional, because in this case it is possible to regulate the flow of water accordingly to the height of the patient, cutting off the upper section of the pipe if necessary. Models with vertical pipes have more nozzles for the water supply, and the effect on the body is stronger. However, such a shower requires a perfectly regulated water supply system—well-defined diameter pipes, a high-quality mixer and constant pressure.

During the circular shower procedure, there is increased blood flow in the internal organs and skin, and the metabolism accelerates. Consequently, waste products are being removed better, a person becomes more active both physically and emotionally, and as a result the overall health also improves.

The water temperature, which is adjusted individually, allows you to either relax or feel more energetic—experts can change it during the procedure using the controls.

Fat deposits and the "orange" zone on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs will gradually diminish, if one takes a circular shower regularly. Thin "needle" jets of water will also cope with this problem, so it is familiar to most women, even young girls.

Circular showers affect the body gently and comprehensively, as water jets fall on the entire surface of the body simultaneously. This is how it differs from some other shower procedures; for example, the power shower. Before recommending a circular shower, a doctor conducts a full examination. Serious SPA-salons today also have a doctor.


At the beginning of the circular shower procedure, water temperature is usually 35-30 °C; it is then gradually lowered to 25 °C. The duration of the procedure is 5-20 minutes, and effects are different for each duration. 5 minutes of the shower makes the body relax, but after 7-10 minutes of the procedure there is a feeling of light excitability, as the tone of the nervous system and body increases. Do not take a circular shower less than two hours after meal, and restrain from eating for at least one hour after taking the shower. The number of procedures, as well as their frequency, is determined by the expert: usually it is 15-20 procedures every day or every other day.


The impact of circular showers on our mood is also very important: after such procedure, most people become active and energetic, feel an emotional lift, and find it easier to cope with any problems and difficulties that previously seemed impossible. However, while our country has underdeveloped health care, the notion of "family doctor" is known only to a handful of the "Rich and Famous." It is better to be moderate, particularly if you have health problems and take circular shower in addition to other medical and preventive water treatments prescribed and under supervision by a doctor in special clinics and SPA salons—it's cheaper and easier. At home, you can install a Jacuzzi or shower with special nozzles. Nowadays, it's available for almost everyone.

In addition to nervous disorders, stress, and spinal pain, the circular shower may be prescribed in case of hypotension, disturbances in the cardiovascular system, obesity, and to improve the condition of the skin (cellulite) and health in general.

The circular shower is a stimulating procedure, which is why it is not recommended for people with asthenic conditions, possibly caused by the diseases of internal organs. Do not take this kind of  shower in cases of hypertension, epilepsy, benign or malignant neoplasms, chronic or complex problems, cardiac and vascular pathologies, the presence of pacemakers, artificial valves or other implants, allergies, infectious diseases of the skin, colds, SARS, during menstruation or during pregnancy.

It is for these reasons that it is best to receive these procedures in clinics, fitness centres, and salons, under the supervision of a professional therapist
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