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The benefit of exercising for your physical and mental health is immeasurable. Activity can help you live longer and feel better, improving your mood and helping you sleep better, improve emotional balance, and manage your weight. There are those who seek a good physique, praising the advantages of running, training intensity for weightlifting, or the team spirit created by basketball—but not everyone can participate in such intense exercise.

Which leads to swimming. It is an ideal activity for people of all ages and abilities. The swimming body, supported by water, doesn’t have an excessive load for a single group of muscles or joints. Swimming can be an enjoyable pastime, or exercise, and is pleasurable year round. It can be done in the sea, river or swimming pool. You can swim with your family or friends, or even alone. It requires very little equipment, you can start at any age and you can carry on for as many years as you feel you are able.

Swimming was an ancient form of entertainment and exercise. Many experts believe that our ancestors learned to swim by watching and imitating the behaviour of animals living in water, such as fish or frogs. The most early records of people who were found floating in the Cave of Swimmers, dating from 4000 BC, and located in the southwest of the Egyptian desert, near the border with Libya.

Swimming is a healthy activity that will help you extend your life. It is a moderate workload, bringing many benefits to physical and psychological health.

The physical benefits of swimming

Training for the cardiovascular system: Swimming is classified as an aerobic exercise, as even a few laps can be very demanding. It reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Swimming reduces the heart rate during rest and increases the heart’s power. It causes the heart to pump the blood more effectively and efficiently. When you are in good aerobic shape, your body uses oxygen more efficiently to sustain movement.

Muscular Strength: Swimming as an exercise requires the coordination of all the muscles moving simultaneously. The water creates more resistance than air, so to swim, you have to strain more. Therefore, you develop stronger muscles as a result of swimming.

Flexibility: Swimming and water exercises, complemented by a good stretching, can seriously improve your flexibility. The smooth motion helps to lengthen and stretch muscles rather than to increase their volume, making it look more harmonious, healthy and strong.

Moderate load: the water acts as a protective shell around the body, and removes all the unnecessary pressure on the bones, joints and muscles. There are no rough or sharp movements, body shaking. This is one of the safest and most comfortable forms of exercising that can only be found. For those who suffer from joint pain, swimming is a good form of exercise. It is also used by physiotherapists to rehabilitate those who have just been in an accident or undergone surgery.

Weight loss aid: 30 minutes of swimming can burn 260 calories. Additionally, the low temperature of the water stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Since the metabolism is accelerated (even after leaving the water), fat reserves are burned faster than usual. Consequently, the swimming can optimally contribute to your weight loss program.


The psychological benefits of swimming:

Removes fear of the water: Many children are afraid of water. This fear must be addressed at an early age, otherwise it can become a phobia when he or she grows up. To increase their confidence to the water, children may be introduced to swimming at an early age.

Reduces Stress: swimming forces you to regulate breathing and allows more oxygen to flow into muscles. It also promotes muscle massage and reduces stress. Being in warm, enveloping water provokes calm and meditative emotions, and is an activity that can facilitate in stress relief.

Social activity: It is a great approach of socialization and the acquisition of new friends. Many health clubs along with the regular membership offer visiting a swimming pool. This is a great way to both relax and get a wonderful workout.


As soon as you start swimming, you'll find that it is addictive and your body craves to dive into the water and hit the water swimming. This is because in the water all parts of the body exercise, while the brain is enjoying rest and tranquillity. So grab a towel and bathing suit, and go! Swim, swim, swim!
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