Power shower

Power Shower

The power shower is a unique invention of Jean Martin Charcot, who was not a nutritionist, or even a massage therapist, but a psychiatrist. The procedure is when your body is massaged with water jets of various capacities. It is primarily designed to reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system. It is possible that the creator of such a unique technique is not particularly interested in such "collateral" effects as improving lymph and blood circulation, toning skin and muscles, health improvement of immune system, or weight normalization, which are all observed after a course of treatments.

If you are most interested in weight loss and combating cellulite, a power shower is just what you need. However, read the article carefully and assess your strength correctly—this procedure can’t be called pleasant.


What it looks like

You stand nude, holding the railing, and three to five feet away from you stands (or sits), an executor on a remote control, who directs streams from hoses with different nozzles to the various parts of your body. Water pressure is regulated in the same place, on the remote. At his command you turn, raise your arms, etc. Do not worry—breasts, genitals and spine are not affected. In particularly "dangerous" positions you will be asked to cover your chest with hands. The doctor conducting the procedure is likely to ask which exact effect you are expecting, and will focus on fat deposits, cellulite, or the shoulder area (if you honestly admit to sedentary work at a computer).


The power shower is cautioned for people suffering from cardio-vascular disorders. Additionally, it is impossible to take a shower with a certain skin diseases. Consult with your physician or with a specialist to whom you wish to book for power shower.



Already after the first session, you are flying on wings. A feeling of lightness exists throughout a whole body; irritation and fatigue have gone. After 10 procedures (recurring courses are recommended only six months later) you will notice a decrease in volume, straightening in your back, and you will delight in elastic skin and muscles.

Paying off

Do not sign up for a power shower just before the holidays. The jets of water leave marks on the skin, from the temporary redness to tangible bruises. Women with delicate white skin after a course of power shower look as if they were systematically and regularly beaten. Legs are affected the most. Even the most thick-and dark-skinned girls get their hips, especially the inner side, covered with bruises of various sizes. Besides, it hurts! Not to the extent as one might recall at the dentist, for example, but power shower experts see bitten lips or even tears, more than once. There is also the fact that our pain threshold, among other things in the female body, is affected by the menstrual cycle; thus, there are times when actions taken by physicians seem to be particularly painful.



Sign up for a trial session of power shower. You will be able to feel on your own skin what it is, talk with a specialist, and estimate your own resistibility and the traces remained after implementation. And, if your determination doesn’t disappear, then go for it! Doctors recommend taking an entire course, and not splitting procedures into "five this month, five in the next." Complete the course and you won’t regret it.
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