Face massage / facial mask

Thai massage, unlike traditional massage, necessarily includes a head and a face massage. The Thais give this part of the body special attention because our thoughts are our health. Head and face massage is often called “a touch of the Buddha,” meaning the arrangement of thoughts, distraction from the hustle and immersion of the patient in a meditative state.

Head and face massage, "a touch of the Buddha,” can be performed by using only the hands, but also by using special bags with herbs. Their composition is rather complicated; it will be enough to say that the number ingredients of a herbal collection consists of 10 to 20 names. Before use, the herbal pouches are steamed in water vapor, and then applied to acupuncture points on the face of the patient.

This kind of hot herbal compresses have a strong therapeutic and aromatic effect not only on the skin, but also on the patient's senses. Such head and face massage, "a touch of the Buddha," in conjunction with massaging the active points, literally revitalizes and energizes the entire skin, outer ear, chin, forehead and eyes.

Traditional Thai head massage treatment with the hands effectively relieves stress, promotes blood flow, gives the appearance of a healthy complexion, and leads to the activation of the patient's skin rejuvenation. Its technique is the alternating of soft touches and strokes, usually circular, with strong pressure applied with thumbs to the active points.


Often the therapist pulls the patient's hair, not only stimulating the blood flowing to the hair follicles, but also helping them to strengthen and grow. In fact, the whole process of head and face massage, "a touch of the Buddha," contributes to a patient’s harmonization with the environment and the awakening of internal forces.
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