Oil massage

Oil Massage

The legs, feet, back, and arms are worked out one at a time, accupressure massage is performed on the face and ears.

 Aroma oils are used to help normalize a person’s mental state, raising spirits, and plunging into positive emotions. Essential or aromatic oils have been known since ancient times. In those days they were a sign of high status in society; women throughout history enjoyed all the wonderful varieties of scents.

Oil massage (aromatherapy massage, Balinese massage), in contrast to the traditional Thai massage, is done on the naked body with oil.

The main objective of this procedure is to produce a relaxing, soothing and regenerating effect.

Essential oils are chosen in each case on a strictly individual basis (taking into account the wishes of a client), which results in the maximum effect.

During the oil massage, the therapist lubricates the client’s skin with oil (aromatic or, if necessary, odorless). The technique of "soaking" oil stimulates blood circulation and restores skin elasticity.

The Thai therapist rubs and warms up the muscles, then forceably pushes the body on certain points, finally wiping the skin dry and doing simple manipulations of stretching.

 Essential oils can be applied in different ways. The most effective way is to take baths with addition of certain oils. You can also take a sauna, doing massage rubbing the nutrients into the skin. You can also use aroma applications both warm and cold.

Additionally, the useful drops of essential oils can be added into the masks, creams, and lotions. The effect will be stunning! We advise you to choose oils which will ideally suit you, helping to restore the health of your body.

 Aromatherapy is a combination of pleasant odors and benefits for the entire human body. The calming effects, positive feelings, and therapeutic properties make aroma oils a popular means of modern self-medication.

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