Stone massage

Another type of massage recently becoming more and more popular is hot stone massage, or stone therapy. When you first hear about this technique, you might be a little surprised. In fact, the uninitiated person might find it hard to imagine how hot stones can be used for massage. We are here to offer you some information that you may not know, but would like to.

What is stone therapy and hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is a type of massage done and heated basalt stones with water. The stones are placed at key points in our body called energy centers, both for the pressure, according to the canons of the ancient Eastern medicine, and for the flow of energy. This is done in order to obtain a better warm-up and relaxation of muscle tissue, which is beneficial for the continuation of the massage. Hot stone massage can generally be compared with a sauna, except the only difference is that its pressure is not aimed at the entire body, but only on certain parts.


Why basalt stones?

Basalt is a black volcanic rock, rich in minerals, with an innate ability to absorb and retain heat, which can alleviate stress and muscle tension. All stones used for massage are polished and have a different shape. A distinctive feature of the stone therapy and hot stone massage is the great variety of shapes and sizes of the stones themselves. Usually there are about fifty or sixty kinds of stones, each with a different shape and weight, used to massage various parts of the body. For example, the smallest of them are placed between the toes. Apart from the basalt stones, various semi-precious stones can be used for other types of stone massage, except that they are not heated.

What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage and stone therapy have a huge positive impact on the entire body. On a physiological level, it promotes a deep relaxation of the tissues, relieving tension and stress. In addition, massage stones relieve back pain and muscle aches, improve blood circulation, activate the metabolism, and furthers the removal of toxins and other harmful substances. On a psychological level, the hot stone massage procedure has a calming effect, helping to get rid of anxiety and overcome depression and stress.


In addition, the hot stone massage has a therapeutic effect, and is used in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and insomnia.

Who invented the hot stone massage?

The art of massage with hot stones is known from time immemorial. For many centuries it was used in different parts of the world, both improving the technique of stone massage and learning the secrets of its effects on the body. The modern school of massage with hot stones is based on the knowledge and skills of ancient healers. The significant role in promoting this type of massage was played by an American—Mary Hannigan—who, in 1993, based on the experience of past centuries, invented her own system of hot stone massage. She called it stone therapy. Since then, the hot stone massage is widely spread not only in the U.S., but in the Europe as well. Today, the service is provided in almost any SPA-center, many of which have developed their own technique of this procedure.


How long does a stone massage last for?

A massage with hot stones usually takes 60 to 90 minutes.


Are there any advisories for hot stone massage?

Usually a hot stone massage is not cautioned for most people. However, if you have a contagious skin disease, rash, open wounds, or if your blood is prone to thickening, the hot stone massage is not recommended. Another reason to avoid stone massage is a recently undergone surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy session. We also would not perform this type of massage for pregnant women or those with heart disease.


Does the hot stone massage require nudity?

Typically, a hot stone massage is carried out to customers in the nude. However, if you do not like it, you can always wear undergarments.


In conclusion, even after reading all of our information on stone therapy and hot stone massage, you’re not going to have a complete idea about this procedure until you try it yourself. And of course, it’s not possible to get positive emotions and an impressive effect without getting yourself acquainted with the procedure
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