Brooms massage

Service of a bath attendant-masseuse


In the old days, when public baths were a luxury and the common people washed in their small baths, the bathhouse attendant profession had special status and value. A professional, good bather was an authority in matters of health and steam treatments. It wasn’t easy to become a bath attendant. Someone who aspired to become a bath attendant had to really care for and love his or her work, as well as take care of the bath, because our forefathers believed it almost sacred.

Nowadays, almost every decent large public bath can offer you bathhouse attendant services. In many fitness centers, this profession is often combined with the inclusion of a full range of procedures for cleaning and restoring the body. A masseur attendant will not just be your guide in the ritual of visiting the steam room, but will also perform different types of massage, advise how to choose a broom, help in the event of any difficulties and, of course, give you tea in the lounge when your relaxed body needs a break from the steam and heat.


A bath with a bath attendant will allow you to take pleasure in a truly professional service, to enjoy a sauna "in the right way." Who, if not a professional connoisseur and bath master, will know how to steam the best way, in order to obtain the maximum benefit for your health, mood and body.


The array of bath attendant-masseuse services is one of the duties of a good bath attendant. The owner of a bathhouse, sauna or the entire recreation complex can often be called a bath attendant, but this is not exactly the truth. The bath attendant-masseuse rather assists visitors in the sauna, prepares a steam room for them, assists in taking their steam-bath correctly, and then offers a variety of services to relax after a sauna session. For example, a bath attendant-masseuse might offer a cool pool with a Jacuzzi, a game of billiards, a visit to a karaoke bar, or just a rest in a comfortable room, specially equipped for your relaxation. Bath attendant-masseuses will also offer you a sauna broom massage or another traditional sauna massage, if they are not just bath attendants.


Why do so many people love bathing with a bath attendant? To begin with, when we enter the bath, we want to leave all of our problems and concerns behind (as Russian tradition teaches us when visiting baths), and thoughtlessly plunge into the bathing ritual. But who will help visitors understand all the intricacies, or massage them with a good oak or birch broom? Of course, you can ask a friend to help, but it's better if it is done by a professional, especially if you come to a place that provides the service. Additionally, a bath with an attendant will help you obtain truly professional service, to enjoy a sauna "in the right way.” Furthermore, if you decide to celebrate a birthday or corporate meeting in a bathhouse, they will be very helpful so that you might not be distracted from the friendly conversation, and can simply enjoy the hot bath
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